Here, you’ll find everything there is to know about KSMAL.

“At Knight Street Mulit-Age Learning we believe our holistic approach enhances learning through play
while providing quality care and education in a
safe and nurturing environment”KSMAL Team

Our Values

  • A friendly and safe environment
  • A program that provides continuity from home to care yet flexible enough to meet individual needs and challenges of all children
  • Educators who are happy and develop strong relationships with children, families and community.
  • Sustainable practices and understand the vital role we play in assisting young children and families to understand sustainability
  • issues, concepts and practices. (Elliott and Davis, 2004)
  • Family input/participation in care and education programs within the service.

Our Programs

  • Making children’s welfare, happiness and safety their priority.
  • Fair and consistent in their interactions.
  • Positive in their approach.
  • Knowledgeable about developmentally appropriate practice, health, safety and nutrition.
  • Accessible to parents and value their input and diversity.
  • Caring and understanding of each child’s needs.

Our Educators

  • Developmentally appropriate.
  • Inclusive of all aspects of each child’s development.
  • Reflective of the multicultural nature of our Australian Society.
  • Challenging, interesting and varied providing lots of choices.
  • Evaluated regularly.
  • Involve parents in the process of planning, implementing and evaluating.

Our Management

  • Committed to the children, families and educators.
  • Accommodating to the needs of parents and educators.
  • Approachable and trustworthy in their dealings with parents and educators.
  • Organised and proficient in their business management.
  • Provides leadership that inspires and motivates quality and interests.

Supportive Parents

  • Open and friendly in their communication with educators and management.
  • Supportive of the centre’s philosophy and policies and procedures.
  • Interested and involved in the participation of our programmed activities.
  • Supportive in the process of planning, implementation and evaluation of the centre.

Our Operations

Knight Street Multi-Age Learning is a 60 place family operated centre.
We offer a high quality educational program for children in a caring and nurturing environment.
Our centre directors are highly qualified, being employed at Knight Street for the past 14 years and with children of their own, they will be on hand to answer any questions that may arise. In addition we have a friendly team of qualified and experienced educators to ensure that the safety, wellbeing and happiness of the children remain the highest priority.
Our centre is licensed and regulated by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria, contact details for the relevant department is displayed in the foyer for your convenience.
Our centre is operated under the National Education and Care Services Regualtions and National Education and Care Services Law Act to ensure operational standards are met. Knight Street Multi-Age learning is registered with the Family Assistance Office Childcare Benefit Scheme, which provides funding and fee relief to families.

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